We Buy Houses, in Middle Georgia

As is, and no hassle, and closing in 1 week.


We buy houses in Middle Georgia

If you are looking for someone to quickly buy your house in Middle Georgia you have come to the right place. By using cash we are able to avoid many of the common pitfalls that delay real estate transactions. We will buy your house as-in, any condition, and can usually close in 1 week. Unlike, many of the We Buy Houses companies, I will really buy your house.

Four Types of Home Buyers

Lead Generators
You have probably seen many signs that read We Buy Houses. Many of these are simply lead generation sources. They are looking for sellers and will pair them with buyers. While this may get your house sold, it will certainly slow down the process. You will have to wait while buyers are contacted (or found), the information is received, and the actual buyer makes contact with you. We buy houses in Middle Georgia directly.

Long Distance
Other We Buy Houses signs are for national companies that may buy in Middle Georgia, but they are not from here. As a result, they do not know the local real estate market. Without the contacts of local real estate attorneys, appraisers, lenders, and title companies the buying process is more complicated and the time until closing time may increase. We are right here, and ready to by in 1 week.

Some of the people putting out the We Buy Houses signs are wholesalers. Their goal is to get you to sign a contract and then sell the contract to an end buyer. This may help you sell you in house in Middle Georgia but often they can't find a buyer and the sell falls through. We Buy Houses, ourselves.

Before you make a decision, make sure this is right for you. Also, check out some of the many things that may cause a sale to fall through. I have seen most of these problems and know how to deal with them. We Buy Houses, in Middle Georgia.