Need to Sell Your House Fast?

We can buy your house in 1 week


Do You Have Real Estate Problems?

I am one of the top real estate problem solvers in the area, and I offer real estate solutions fast. If you have a tenant, a vacant house, a hoarder house, or burdensome rental property, call me.

Need to Sell Your House Fast?

I am a local real estate investor in the Middle Georgia area. I have an extensive portfolio of rental houses and am looking to buy more. If you need to sell your house fast, I will buy it.

Most of my rental houses are in Warner Robins, Ga, and I constantly add to them. I have a few houses in Macon, and I recently added another. I have one house in Byron and one in Centerville; I need to get more in those areas.

Need to Sell Your House As Is?

If you need to sell a house as-is, consider selling it to me. I specialize in Houston County but buy in Bibb, Peach, Jones, Twiggs, and throughout the Middle Georgia area.

As a local investor, I am a reliable source to buy a Warner Robins House, a Macon House, or any house in surrounding areas. Give me a chance to buy it and I'll give you a competitive cash offer today.

Is This Right For You?

Should you sell me your house? It depends on why you are selling.

If you have a nice house, in perfect condition, and just want to move soon, you should not sell your house to me. I buy houses fast, but my goal is to help you with a problem house. If there is no problem, selling to me is probably not a good idea.

If the house is in good condition, and you are not in a hurry to sell, then list it with a realtor.

How to Get the Most for Your House?

If you want top dollar for your house, don't sell it to me. To get the highest amount for your house, it's best to update the home and list it with an agent. After a few months on the market, the right buyer may come along, and pay full price

When a property is exposed to the real estate market for several months, many buyers compete, increasing the price. If you have a nice home, updated to modern standards, and are not in a hurry to sell the house, it's best to sell it for market value.

The appraisal institute defines market value as:

That highest price at which a property would most probably sell if exposed to the market for a reasonable time, under market conditions prevailing as of the date of the appraisal.

When Should You Consider Selling to Me?

You should consider selling to me when you have a problem with the house or the situation. As previously mentioned, when there is no urgency, you will do better listing the property with a real estate agent and waiting for market value. If you need to sell the house in a hurry, or the house has a problem that will make it difficult to sell, then I may be a good option.

If a house is in need of repair, it must be fixed before you can sell it the traditional way. A house that needs work will not qualify for traditional bank financing, limiting the pool of buyers. I have a crew ready to fix any problems with the house, so I will buy it as-is. If you need to sell a home as-is, then selling to me may be a good option.

Selling a house takes time. Finding a qualified buyer may take months. Once you have a buyer, closing the transaction takes 30-45 days on average. I aim to buy the house quickly, with cash, and use it as a rental house. If you need to avoid the time-consuming expense of listing a property, selling to me may be a good option.

I buy houses in many kinds of situations. Here are some of the reasons people have sold their homes to me:

  • I have bought many properties that need a lot of work. The sellers were ready to move on and didn't want the hassle of doing a renovation.
  • I have purchased houses quickly to help the owner avoid foreclosure.
  • Several landlords, fed up with bad rental tenants, have sold to me with a tenant in the house.
  • I have purchased many inherited homes, allowing the heirs to settle the estate quickly and deal with the death of a family member.
  • Many of my purchases are from out-of-state sellers. I can buy the house fast and close the transaction remotely.
  • A few of my house purchases were from divorcing owners. The fast and hassle-free sale allowed them to move on with their lives.
  • I have bought houses with title problems. I have real estate attornies standing by that can solve most title issues.

I buy houses in all kinds of other situations. I will arrange everything, pay all closing costs, and you can skip the realtor commissions. Fast closings and no hidden fees. Contact me now, for a no hassle offer.

Watch Out for This

Watch out for fake house buyers. Many of the "We Buy Houses" companies do not buy houses. Most companies that offer to buy houses fast are wholesalers or lead generators. If you "sell" to either of these people, you will most likely be disappointed.


A real estate wholesaler is a person who finds properties, negotiates a contract with the seller, and then finds an investor to buy the contract. This is called a contract assignment. The wholesaler makes a profit by taking a commission on the sale of the property.

A wholesaler will often present themselves as a buyer. However, they have no means to buy your property. You may never know they were a wholesaler if they successfully sell the contract. You may meet the actual buyer at closing, but they often use a double closing, and you never meet the actual buyer.

The problem with this approach occurs when the wholesaler can't sell the contract. Without selling the contract, there is no buyer, and the deal will fall through. The seller usually thinks they have an agreement and are just waiting for the closing date, but in the end, the house doesn't sell.

How to Spot a Wholesaler

Once you know wholesalers exist, it's easy to spot them. Keep in mind that the product is the contract, not the house, and watch for these signs:

  • Emphasis on signing a contract. That's all they need, and the house is secondary.
  • Offers a low amount for earnest money. The wholesaler knows the deal is unlikely to close, so they try to keep earnest money at less than $100.
  • They need several weeks to close. A wholesaler ofter needs 4-8 weeks to close to find a buyer for the contract.

Lead Generators

A lead generator is a company that sells leads to real estate investors. A lead is a potential home seller interested in selling their house. These lead generators use various methods to generate leads, including online advertising, email marketing, and direct mail.

How to Spot a Lead Generator

In contrast to a wholesaler, a lead generator will seldom meet you in person. Here are some signs that you are working with a lead generator.

  • Emphasis on getting you to say you are interested in selling. The specifics are irrelevant because they are going to sell your contact information.
  • Lead generators rarely ask for a contract. They just want to know if you are interested in selling the house.
  • After talking to a lead generator, you will not think your house is sold. The actual buyer will contact you later.

A Bad Combination

Sometimes, the seller will give their information to a lead generator, who will sell the lead to the wholesaler. First, the seller works with a lead generator, and then they are contacted by a wholesaler. This is not a terrible situation when the house is sold, but often this is just a waste of everyone's time.

You can skip this hassle. I am a local cash home buyer, and ready to give you a no obligation cash offer today. The best part is, I actually want to buy the house, and will make use of it as a rental in the area where I already have many.

Will I Buy As-Is

I always buy a house as-is. I don't expect the seller to do anything before selling the house. My goal is to make the process as easy for you as I can. Once we have a deal, you don't have to do anything else and should have your money in less than a week.

I have bought house that were gutted or that need to be gutted. I have purchased a couple with foundation problems. I even bought a house without a roof. In fact, I specialize in buying burdensome houses. I buy houses in any condition and fix them after the deal closes.

Why Do I Buy Houses?

I live in the Middle Georgia area, and I have many rental properties in the area. I am buying houses to grow my rental portfolio.

My goal is to buy houses with problems. This allows me to purchase houses for a lower cost and turn them into rental housing. While problem properties turn off most buyers, I have learned how to adapt and handle most problems. This allows me to grow my rental portfolio while helping homeowners with problem properties.

Not every house is suitable for a rental property. Over the years, I have found other approaches when a house will not work as a rental property. I can buy almost any house as long as the price is right and it's in the Middle Georgia area.

How do I Buy Houses So Fast?

The biggest impediment to selling a house is the mortgage. Home mortgage underwriting takes 30-45 days, and the mortgage can be denied at any point in that process. I can buy fast because I buy with cash; I avoid getting a loan to purchase the property.

I buy houses with cash but also have a large credit line backed by my rental houses. This means I have a loan, but it's already approved and secured with my existing rental homes. I can use this credit line, or cash, to buy your house in as little as a week.

Part of the closing process is doing a title search. This process takes 4-5 days, and it is usually all I need to do to close the transaction. All I need to buy is a completed title search and a convenient time for the seller to come to closing. Sometimes, I can close remotely, and the seller will not need to appear in person.

Where Do I Buy Houses?

I buy a house in the Middle Georgia area. In rare cases, I will buy a house outside of Middle Georgia, but I have found that staying local help me buy faster.

I live in Warner Robins and prefer my properties to be within an hour's drive. This makes Warner Robins a great location, but I also buy in Macon, Byron, Perry, Gray, Milledgeville, and all Middle Georgia counties.

If you have a property outside of Middle Georgia, I would consider buying it. If I can't, I have a network of other house buyers and can find someone to buy your house quickly.

What Are the Benefits of Selling to Me?

There are many people that buy houses. However, most of these "buyers" are actually wholesalers. Their goal is to get a contract to buy your home and then sell the contract to someone like me. The deal will fall through if they can't find someone to buy the contract. Most of these buyers cannot purchase the house, but they present themselves as buyer.

I will actually buy your house. I have the cash and credit line to buy the property and will close quickly. You should sell to me because I am a genuine local real estate buyer. If we agree to a deal, you can be sure it will close.

Why should you sell to me? Because I will actually buy your house, and many others will not. I will buy it fast, as-is, and hassle-free.

Will I Buy Your House Out of State?

I mainly buy houses in Warner Robins, Georgia and Macon, Georgia. I also buy in the surrounding areas, but rarely stray far from Middle Georigia.

I generally do not buy out of state. I am a local home buyer living and working in Warner Robins, Ga. I buy houses in Houston County, Bibb County, Jones County, Peach County, Baldwin County, Twiggs County, and all Middle Georgie counties.

If your house is not in the Macon/Warner Robins area, it is probably not a fit for me. I have occasionally purchased outside of my area, but you would do better finding a buyer near the house. I would be glad to refer you to someone in your area.


I am a local real estate investor in Middle Georgia with an extensive portfolio of rental houses, primarily in Warner Robins. I am interested in buying more homes quickly from sellers who need to sell their house fast.

Remember, if you have a nice house and are not in a hurry to sell, it's better to list it with a realtor to get the highest price. However, if the house has problems or needs repairs, I will buy it as-is and close the transaction quickly with cash.

Watch out for fake house buyers, such as wholesalers and lead generators, who may not actually buy the house. These individuals are only looking for a contract to sell to someone like meassignments to sell the contract to another buyer.

are only looking for a contract to sell to someone like me. Skip the middle man, end the frustration of your unwanted property, and give me a call. I will buy you home fast!