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In today’s real estate market it may take months, or even years to sell your house. During this time, you may have to put other decisions on hold while you wait for the house to sell. You will have to clean the house and keep it tidy so that it is ready for a showing on a moment’s notice. You will also be involved in showing the house, working with a realtor, and responding to offers. It is not easy to sell a house fast. However, I can buy your house fast, so you avoid these hassles and delays.

I buy houses fast with cash. Our typical closing time is less than 2 weeks. In many cases I can close in as little as 4 days. I do not care about the condition of the house. You do not need to spend time getting the house ready to sell.

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By using cash I avoid many of the common problems that delay real estate closings. You will not have to wait for a bank to process documentation. I do not even need an appraisal to buy your house - appraisals take time and can slow the entire process. I use cash and can buy your house fast.

A quick closing may be the way to avoid foreclosure. I can pay off your loan and any late charges when I buy your house. This may help your credit rating and you may even get cash back at closing.

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