Common Pitfals

Know the things than can go wrong


Drawbacks to selling this way.

Selling you house quickly, to an investor, can be the answer to a lot of problems. However, this is not for everyone and there are some pitfalls. Before you make a decision, make sure this is right for you.

You will not get Top Dollar

An investor is taking on the renovation burden and waiting time in exchange for profit. If you can handle the renovation, and afford to wait, it is usually better to list with a real estate agent and get top dollar for your house.

Fake Buyers

You may encounter people posing as a buyer, but who are unable to actually buy your house. Their goal is get you to sign a contract, and then assign the contractor to a real buyer for a fee. The problems begin when they can find a buyer, and the sell falls through. Learn how these 'wholesalers' operate, before you make a deal with them.