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Macon, GA

As a local Macon housing provider, we are proud to serve the people of Macon, GA. Macon, founded in 1823, is known as the Heart of Georgia and has recently consolidated with Bibb County to form Macon-Bibb. We are headquartered in nearby Houston County and provide rental housing throughout Middle Georgia. We are buying properties in Macon with cash. If you have a house to sell in Macon, give us a call today.

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I have a simple no-hassle process for buying houses with cash in Macon. With this process I am able to overcome many of the hurdles that derail real estate transaction. I specialize in hard to move properties that are difficult to sell with a traditional realtor. If you have a house to sell in Macon, that is not easy sell due to its condition, your timeframe, or a unique situation then give us a call. Recently, I have solved several real estate problems in Lake Wildwood.

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It's easy to get started. First, make sure something like this work for . If it does, fill out the form and say goodbye to your house in a week.