I inherited a house, now what?

We specialize is buying inherited houses.


Sell Inherited Real Estate

Inheriting in a house brings with it a unique set of problems. Many times, the house may be far away and the ownership may be split between several people. There is the hassle of getting an inherited house ready, as it may have many years of deferred maintenance. The legal issues from the inheritance present problems unqiue to houses that have been through probate. If you have an inherited house we may be able to help. I specialize in real estate closings for inherited properties and can purchase quickly with no hassle.


Probate is simply the legal process of proving a will. The process of probate varies by state, and I specialize in probate in the Middle Georgia area. The process starts with a court filing. In Georgia, this entire process can take as little as two month, but I’ve seen it drag on for years. Generally, probate will end with the debts of the estate paid and the heirs agreeing to the final division of assets. Many times, it’s a real estate sell that satisfies the debt, provides a means for distributing the assets, and ending probate.

I Buy Inherited Houses

I will buy your inherited house, regardless of the condition. You will not need to spend time and effort making repairs, or cleaning out the house. You can just take what you want, and leave everything else; I will handle it. In many cases, I can rent the house to the current occupants and avoid you having to get family members to leave. We can close in less than a week..